Walnut Innovation has been building full stack software solutions since 2011.

Our founders combine decades of industry knowledge and best practice, and share a passion for delivering line-of-business systems that our customers rely on.

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Our services//

Mobile apps and multi-platform//

Users expect responsive, modern design - whether in a B2B or B2C setting. Walnut uses tools and frameworks that offer a seamless experience across devices and platforms, from mobile to full-screen desktop.

We can use a responsive web framework for rapid development, or a hybrid framework such as Flutter or React Native when mobile performance is a priority.

On the backend, we can build a traditional .Net stack to serve UI and APIs, or a serverless pipeline which offers huge scalability with pricing tied to usage.

Our services//

Software development

Walnut's developers have decades of experience creating robust, elegant solutions for their customers, using the latest tools and techniques.

We follow an agile, collaborative process which allows for regular feedback and sense-checking.

We use the most appropriate approach for the customer - whether that is a traditional .Net stack or the latest serverless techniques which can rapidly scale at low cost. And our client UI designs are responsive and multi-platform targeting mobile, web and desktop.

Consultancy and
project management

We offer advice, consultancy and project management for customers in diverse business sectors - from farming to transport to retail.

This may address IT or devops issues such as improving reliability or migrating a solution to the cloud. Multiple systems may need to be securely integrated, or a client may need to extract insight from a large data lake.

We have provided client-side project management services for large-scale multi-vendor projects across the world.

Hosting, support
and maintenance

The field of hosting and devops has changed rapidly as cloud platforms have developed over the last 15 years.

We were early adopters of Amazon AWS and today provide cloud-based server hosting and serverless integration.

This is supported with serverless solutions for backup, instrumentation, security and data privacy audit and disaster recovery.

We also offer all-inclusive desktop and server IT support through our sister company, Walnut Technology.

Business intelligence
and integration

Vast quantities of data are being collected on today's software systems, but extracting insight and value can be difficult.

We work with leading Business Intelligence platforms, such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau  from SalesForce to develop dashboards and reporting solutions that leverage with your existing data sources.

Often this requires an ETL solution to integrate multiple or legacy sources.

Customer case studies//

IoT sensing for farming

Agri Samplers has developed automated scientific instruments that give farmers fast information about crop disease.

Part of an Innovate UK-funded program to research ways to reduce farm spraying, Walnut created a serverless IoT pipeline using Amazon AWS to process and analyse thousands of messages sent daily from the field.

A data analytics portal gives farmers real-time access to test results enabling them to make timely spraying decisions.

Full stack for customer experience consultancy

RealService helps their clients create great places to live, work, shop and relax.

RealService collects and analyses thousands of in-person and web-based interviews - all managed on a bespoke platform developed by Walnut.

Recently Walnut worked with RealService to implement self-service dashboards for their clients, using Microsoft Power BI to offer rich, real-time data self-service.

Meet the team//

Walnut's founders have worked together for over 20 years, and share a passion for building customer-focused businesses.

Jon Saville

Jon began programming on 8-bit computers as a teenager. Fuelled by coffee, he has worked with most languages, frameworks and tools across many industry sectors.

Neil Wykes

Starting out in professional services, and with an infectious love of the next New Thing, Neil has brought his skills to some of the largest consultancies and smallest startups.

Clive Smalley

Clive is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers. Clive has an innate business brain and brings his experience and insight to every project.

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