London, UK


RealService is a customer experience consultancy working almost exclusively in the property industry.

It has never been more vital that customer experience is put at the heart of real estate business. RealService does four things:

  • Find out the type of experience that customers have now and want in the future
  • Help design and improve the way that experience is delivered
  • Measure the impact and benchmark the results
  • Help develop skills and keep innovating

Walnut's role

When we met RealService they had outgrown a legacy bespoke system that managed their interviewing and insight process.

Walnut recreated and extended this system using modern tools and techniques. The application was given a complete visual refresh and major new functions were added, including:

  • Web survey
  • Report editing with output to the web or PDF
  • Client self-service portal

Walnut adopted an Agile approach and spent months in dialogue with RealService to ensure the results would match their expectations. As this system was used day-to-day, it was also vital that historical data and work-in-progress was migrated seamlessly to the new system.

The system architecture uses a hybrid approach combining the core application and backend database with multiple cloud services, which Walnut oversees with automated instrumentation, providing near-100% uptime.

Dashboard insights

In a recent project, Walnut worked with RealService to add a comprehensive dashboard experience for their clients.

Implemented using Microsoft Power BI and reflecting live data from RealService's data warehouse, the dashboard provides clients with real-time insights.

It refreshes every day so our clients can see the insight we have generated in real time, it looks great and is easy to navigate.

Lasha Gegidze - RealService Operations and IT Support Analyst

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