London, UK


Agri Samplers are specialists in the design and manufacture of environmental and agricultural scientific instruments.

Their instruments are used by environmental and agricultural researchers worldwide to enable a better understanding of crop diseases and airborne allergens.

The project

Agri Samplers are leading a long-running study programme part-funded by Innovate UK, and with participants from across the farming industry and academia. The goal is to reduce farm spraying by giving farmers near real-time data on crop diseases in their locality.

Pathogens are detected by advanced, robotic DNA sampling equipment that operates autonomously on farms around the country.


Walnut's role

Walnut created a data pipeline and analytics portal that receives and processes the MQTT data sent from the field. We use Amazon AWS's scalable IoT platform and serverless processing to provide near-limitless message capacity, feeding a rich website where farmers can see test results and environmental data.

This platform, branded SpraySaver, leads the field in helping farmers make timely spraying decisions.