Walnut was an early adopter of Amazon AWS and has been building and managing serverless infrastructure for customers ever since.

We can help you benefit from scalable pay-as-you-use resources, from additions to an existing application to a complete design-and-build in the cloud.

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Cloud computing can seem daunting, especially as the range of serverless services has exploded in the last decade. Walnut was an early adopter of cloud computing when Amazon AWS was still in beta, and our experience can help you assess which cloud services would benefit your application.

From leveraging specific cloud services to extend or scale your solution, to completely re-designing a monolithic application into a cloud-native solution, Walnut can help you take advantage of pay-as-you-use cloud resources.

Cloud application case study//

Shown here is a high-level view of an application design and implemented for a Walnut customer. A large fleet of IoT devices sends thousands of messages a day to be processed and stored. A dashboard provides real-time insight for the end users.

The heart of the solution is a traditional .Net application, but cloud services (in this case from Amazon AWS) are used to ingest the messages, perform initial processing and storage, and finally deliver information to the end users.

AWS manages peaks in message delivery with almost limitless scalability. In the management layer, multiple AWS services provide observability and security, helping to support a secure, reliable service.

Cloud services//

The range and depth of cloud services from the major platforms has exploded in the last decade - and can seem overwhelming. Whatever your scenario, there is a cloud service that may offer cost savings, capacity scaling, or brand new features. Walnut can help you define your requirements, and we can recommend a strategy for taking your application forward.

Virtual servers

Deploy servers to the cloud for rapid scaling or to reduce on-prem resources.

API and functions

Use cloud functions to create microservices and an API tier as the serverless back end to your application.


SQL, NoSQL, data-lake, time-series and caching - whatever the application there is a data store to match.


Use the cloud to manage your IoT fleet while ingesting, processing and storing millions of messages a day.

Security and compliance

Cloud services can help monitor, audit and actively test your security and compliance posture.

Content delivery

Use cloud providers' worldwide networks to deliver content at the edge, to increase resilience and minimise latency.


Cloud providers offer tiered, low-cost object storage at any scale, for online, near-line or archival data.

Machine learning

Leverage ML in your application for sentiment analysis, translation, object recognition and many other scenarios.


Deploy Docker and Kubernetes containers in the cloud with load-balancing, scaling and management.


Add observability and instrumentation to your cloud apps with logging, monitoring and tracing.

Customer case study//

IoT sensing for farming

Agri Samplers has developed automated scientific instruments that give farmers fast information about crop disease.

Part of an Innovate UK-funded program to research ways to reduce farm spraying, Walnut created a serverless IoT pipeline using Amazon AWS to process and analyse thousands of messages sent daily from the field.

A data analytics portal gives farmers real-time access to test results enabling them to make timely spraying decisions.

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