Customer first

Understand the problem. It’s not rocket science.

The first task in any project is to sit with you and truly understand your business, working practices, culture and the problem you are trying to solve.

Only then can we hope to offer a good solution, irrespective of the technology.

We will spend time documenting our findings, and together we will work towards a solution that will stand the test of time.

Mobile, web, server-side or all three. Each situation is different and we come to it with an open mind.

Cutting edge technology

Sometimes you need a laser.

Of course, technology is what we do. And we’re not afraid to bring the latest thinking to the table when it’s needed.

Our solutions often use some cloud technology (in case this seems radical, we’ve been using Amazon AWS since 2006, the year they launched their first beta services). That might mean leveraging a cloud service for resilience or cost; or we might plan a complete infrastructure roll-out to cloud hosting.

Consumers today are mobile, and demand mobile solutions that remain responsive, secure and full-featured.

And we are working with VR technology from Vive, Oculus and Google.

We work with several verticals who are transitioning from traditional, integrated technology stacks to loosely coupled, service-oriented architectures – all while maintaining business continuity.

Covering the basics

Design. Code. Repeat.

Once we have established the working team, understood the problem, and decided on the tools and technology – it’s time to work.

We use Agile principles to iterate the solution quickly, enabling you to influence the evolving solution. We capture ideas and issues in our tracking system so everyone can contribute.

Web, mobile and server-side code develop in parallel using a wide range of languages and tools, appropriate to your exact scenario.