In Partnership

We’re in this together.

A successful software project is built on partnership. There’s no other way to do it.

You need all the flashing lights and gizmos, but you also need a partner who is there for the long haul.

So. We start by building an understanding of your business, your people and your process.

And we want you to understand how we work – what you can expect, and how to get the best from our partnership.

Embrace change

But use appropriate technology

Throwing stuff at the wall rarely works.

We use the appropriate technology for the situation at hand.

The world is rapidly transitioning to mobile-first, cloud-based technology stacks. This may be just what you need.

Alternatively, you might have something smaller-scale in mind. Let’s not use our sledgehammer every time.

Rock solid process

It won’t make the headlines, but it delivers the goods. To mix some metaphors.

Documentation. Process. Issue management.

It doesn’t sound very exciting. But it means we deliver results, on time, while staying flexible.

It doesn’t help to start off on the wrong foot, so we make sure we document our understanding of your business and the problem we’re solving.

We use Agile techniques throughout the project. Agile keeps things, well, agile. It lets you see the developing solution, make comments and keep steering towards the right destination.

Finally, any issues and ideas are captured on our tracking system. Everyone has access to this, so we can all keep track of progress.

A little process goes a long way. We use just enough to keep things on track, and keep the ideas flowing.